About Us

Waverly Advisors, LLC is a quantitatively based technical research boutique focused on the full spectrum of liquid asset classes including equities, commodities, currencies, and fixed income. Our work is applicable to both relative and absolute value investors, and targets active portfolio management with a normal investment horizon ranging from several weeks to many months. However, this awareness of shorter term flows and risk factors does not mean that our insights are limited to the short term; many of our clients find our work useful for perspectives over multiple quarters or years.

Our research respects the reality of the competitive nature of financial markets; we know that nothing is certain and that markets are only predictable within the bounds of statistics and probability. Within those bounds, we work hard to give our readers an important perspective and a significant edge. Our work is immediately actionable, while maintaining a depth that allows it to be incorporated into our clients’ own investment processes. Because our research uses different tools and presents a significantly different perspective from other technical work, it can be a largely uncorrelated input with a significant edge to our client’s investment process.